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“This camp induces the children’s interest in writing with vivid teaching methods.”

“The kids got to do writing that is different than what is taught at school- more creative-not to meet standardized tests.”

“She had such a positive reaction each day- up early, can’t wait, loving to write. She is already talking about next year. I think it gave her more independence.”

“I liked that my daughter always came home having enjoyed the day and was excited in the morning to go again.”

“Loved that it was well organized, and also the enthusiasm my daughter showed. Every time I picked her up from YWC, she was eager to share her writing.”


“It helped me expand my imagination and inspired me to write better. Also, writing and being in nature helped me write better and be more descriptive.”

“They taught me how to love writing.”

“I like the environment and how much I seem to write in Young Writers Camp. It is so motivating and nice.”

“If you look at my writing at this camp three years ago to now, the progress is amazing.”

“Young Writers Camp introduced me to many styles of writing and I was allowed feedback in writing groups, and after we just shared in the classroom.”

“It helped me become a better writer, by giving us practice in writing with the variety of assignments and by receiving critique on our work from our blogs.”


Parents, Kids, and Teachers at Cal Lutheran University